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High quality microscope and image analysis solutions at an affordable price



A combination of high-technology and creativity, the Motic PA53-MET series offers superior optical performance as well as an advanced ergonomic design, futuristic digital capabilities, and innovative modules. Motic PA53-MET: Your ultimate metallurgical Optical Solution. Watch the video here.


Panthera TEC MAT

The Panthera TEC models offer a high value for the inspection of semiconductors and compound materials especially in technical education and quality control of industry. Brightfield, Darkfield and simple Polarization contrast are combined with a new segmental illumination. This concept allows an oblique incident illumination, perfect for the detection of scratches or other defects on flat and reflecting surfaces without a need to move the sample. Watch the video here.



The overall optical performance of the AE2000MET series is superb and unique for reproducing a real micro-world of material structure for you, via equipping with a new generation of BF and DF Long working distance Metallurgical plan objective be made of high-quality glass and upgrade anti-reflex coating tech, combining a variety of observation methods of BrightField, Darkfield, simple Polarizing etc., AE2000MET is suitable for whatever failure analysis or material research or quality control in all industry.



Intuitive optimized zooming and color reproduction offer you stable, high-quality images. Interchangeable objective lenses and accessories can be used to provide guaranteed satisfaction in any given inspection environment and for any task. Watch the video here.


Moticam Series

Moticam Microscope Cameras come with the accessories needed to make your microscope digital, including the necessary software, USB cable, and a calibration tool. A Moticam can be connected to any microscope through the multiple attachment options available from eyepiece adapters to C-mount trinocular adapters. In addition, whether your lab uses Windows, Mac, or Linux, our software is compatible with different operating systems. Watch the video here.

PA53MET-3D Profiler

PA53MET-3D Profiler

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