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Introducing the Motic Easy Scan. Pathology work has never been easier. Convert your glass slides into digital data with MoticEasyScan. 

Digitization of “classical” glass slide information is an essential approach for more reliable, fast and efficient work in medical environments of cytology, histology and cytopathology.

Main advantages of a digital slide version are:
· Safe storage of confidential patient information
· Database for long-term scientific work
· Networking worldwide
· Sharing clinical expertise
· Easy day to day routine operation accessibility

In clinical consultation of an additional expert, digitized patient information can be sent around the world for a “second opinion” from an international specialist: confidential specimens remain protected, proprietary patient data are kept safe. MoticEasyScan is an efficient instrument for producing and sharing high-quality images from different sources. Simple and easy, the implemented software also allows inexperienced users a quick and reliable data acquisition.




Moreover, digitized slides are a fast and easily accessible tool for a modern style of university teaching. Hundreds of sample slides, some of them delicate and with rare cases can be delivered in an identical quality to every student.
Typical characteristics, single anomalies: thanks to internet access students can work from home in an efficient educational experience:

        · No risk of broken slides
        · Identical information for every student
        · Database accessible 24/7

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If there’s a word to define the Panthera Series, it is Smart. It has been created to make your workflow easier, with the intent of it not being just another work tool, but a fellow worker to trust in.

ImagingOnDevice / Smart CAM

It is an integrated System that makes the microscope completely independent. Consists of both software and hardware built-in the microscope itself. It includes HDMI, USB and LAN (ethernet) ports so that you can work without a computer, either with a screen or projector and a mouse, or with a tablet. 

QRlink / Panthera App

Download  the free Panthera App  on your mobile device. To link the microscope with your tablet, just snap the QR code  on the back of the microscope and you will immediately see the live image .

Motic Light Tracer

A combination of a coded nosepiece and a digital light intensity knob for a digital illumination control. It memorizes light intensity for each objective so that you don’t have to adjust it again.

LED Nosepiece Indicator

In the models featuring Motic LightTracer, it shows the light intensity and also the illumination mode. In the models without digital light management, it only shows the light intensity.

Current Motic Panthera Models:

  • Panthera S (Selling here)

  • Panthera E (Email to ask for quote)

  • Panthera C (Email to ask for quote)

  • Panthera L (Email to ask for quote)

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