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Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicators

Choice of dial position
Four models are available, each with a different orientation of the dial to allow the best visibility in any situation.

  • Horizontal (standard model) – dial is on top of the frame.

  • Vertical: dial is on the end of the frame.

  • Horizontal (20° tilted face): dial is on top of the frame but tilted 20°.

  • Parallel: dial is on the side of the frame.

For more information, view our Dial Test Indicators PDF

Mitytoyo CMM


  • TheCRYSTA-ApexEX500T/700T/900TseriesareCNCCMMsequippedwith the 5-axis control PH20 touch-trigger probe.

  • 5-axis operation reduces the time required for probe rotational movements and allows more flexible positioning. This also ensures easy access to complex workpieces and saves time both during programming and measurement.

  • In addition to 3-axis point measurement similar to conventional coordinate measuring machines, the PH20 probe head also supports ‘head touch’ operation for quick point measurement using the two rotational axes of the probe only, with no movement required along the CMM axes.

  • The PH20 incorporates a TP20 probe and allows the use of modules designed for the TP20. Automatic probe changeover with the TCR20 module changer is also supported.

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Mitutoyo Vision Products

Mitutoyo’s Vision product line represents the most comprehensive lineup of vision based metrology products in the world with cutting edge capabilities such as 0.25 micron accuracy, unique patented light adjustment tools, unparalleled focus capability, and new feature rich, easy to use QVPAK software. In addition to its Quick Vision machine lines, Mitutoyo also offers the easy to use Quick Scope and Quick Image Series; economical, benchtop models with many capabilities that surpass the competition.
Mitutoyo’s Quick Image and Quick Scope lines offer easy to use, economical, benchtop vision inspection solutions with features you would expect from higher end machines. Pattern Recognition, Measurement Macro Playback, and Automatic Light Controls and Edge Detection are just a few examples of the inspection capabilities these machines have to offer.
Quick Image systems offer Double- telecentric optics and large focal depth and field of view allowing easy inspection of larger workpieces in a compact space. Quick Scope systems offers easy to use, icon-based software and compact, benchtop CNC models for efficient automated inspection.
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Mitutoyo On-Line CMM Demo

Mitutoyo has a wide variety of near-line and in-line gage technologies developed for the shop floor. Here we see one of the latest innovations in our Mach line of CMM’s the MACH Ko-ga-me 12128. This gage was developed to be placed within the work cell to create an in-line measuring solution. It is a fully functional CMM with 120mmx120mmx80mm (5″ x 5″ x 4″) with a 900mm (35.43″) per second measuring speed. It has a 2.2 µm overall accuracy utilizing .02 µm Mitutoyo scale technology. This machine can be fitted with either a TP 200 touch trigger probe or a SP 25M scanning probe system. This system is ideal for high volume, high speed applications, where accuracy and throughput of small work pieces are critical to production. The system features minimal setup requirements with no air and runs on a standard electrical supply of 120V.

In this demonstration unit we see the gage is mounted on a robust stand that has an extended manual Z axis to allow for taller work pieces or fixtures. The parts are automatically deposited in the measurement envelope using a Fanuc pick a place robot. Using pass/fail feedback signals based on the measurements collected, the judgment is then sent to the robot where to deposit the work piece after the measurements have been completed. This custom integration was created by Mitutoyo’s own in house Solutions group whose responsibility is to design and build or assist customers with specific cell and production line development to facilitate inline or near line Quality Control systems. These configurations are largely designed in collaboration with the end users and integrators as they relate to this and other inline technologies, which include CMM’s, Form, Vision, or any of the many other items featured in our catalog.