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JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® Series: Efficiency for your Microscope Workstation

JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® series offers state of the art USB 3.0 microscope cameras including intuitive microscope camera software.

JENOPTIK GRYPHAX-series enables you to refine your microscope to a state of the art digital workstation. Save time!

JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® microscope camera software is part of each camera delivery. You install this particularly user-friendly software intuitively without any prior knowledge on your WIN, MAC or Linux operating system. All cameras offer live images in video speed and thus facilitate your daily work. Contact us for more information about image analysis or retrofitting microscopes.

Jenoptik Gryphax USB3.0.jpg


The flagship and real measured color

Jenoptik Gryphax USB3.0.jpg


With revolutionary 5 & 20 MPix

Jenoptik Gryphax USB3.0.jpg


4k solution

Jenoptik Gryphax USB3.0.jpg


In low light & bright field, Colored

Jenoptik Gryphax USB3.0.jpg


Full HD solution

Jenoptik Gryphax USB3.0.jpg


In low light  Monochrome

Your trade-in offer:


Save 20% off the recommended retail price.

Do you have a digital microscope workstation? Your camera performance doesn't fit to your daily challenges anymore?

Your ProgRes® camera has a successor.

Change it for a PROGRES GRYPHAX® camera and become the next GRYPHAX® community member. Experience the high image quality, versatility, ease of use and stability of Jenoptik's latest USB 3.0 

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