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Sa 0.306nm - Sq 0.398nm - Sz 3.264nm

Sa 0.391nm - Sq 0.495nm - Sz 3.934nm

Sa 0.144nm - Sq 0.545nm - Sz 121.859nm

Sa 0.302nm - Sq 0.401nm - Sz 11.187nm

Sa 0.483nm - Sq 0.645nm - Sz 7.460nm

Main Features

SiC Wafer: Sub-Nano-Level Measurement in a Wide Range of Magnifications

Type: BW-D501 system
Subject: Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wafer

Nano-Level Measurement of Razor's Edge with High-Magnification Lens

Subject: Razor's Edge

Precise Surface Measurements for Micrometer-Range Rough Surfaces

Type: BW-A501 system

Subject: Synthetic Paper

Photos Courtesy Of: Ph.D. Hiromichi Toyota, Ehime University Graduate School of Science and Engineering

BW-D501 System

Key Benefits

Superior measurement performance

  • Realizes 0.1 nm-level measurements of ultra-smooth surfaces without using averaging or a filtering process.
  • Enables measurements with the same height resolution in a wide range of magnifications.
  • Enables measurement of both smooth and rough surfaces without changing measurement mode or optical filters.
  • Captures both an all-in-focus image and a surface height image.

Wide range of observation methods

  • The system can be used as an optical microscope. Brightfield, polarizing, DIC and fluorescence observations are all possible.

Accurate sub-nano-surface profiler with non-contact measurement

Nikon’s proprietary scanning-type optical interference measurement technology achieves 1 picometer (pm) height resolution. Nikon offers a variety of optical microscopes as measurement systems to suit a wide range of measurement applications.

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