Table Travel (X)


Table Travel (Y)15.7"
Spindle Head Travel (Z)19.7"
Spindle Nose to Table Top3.9" - 23.6"
Spindle End to Column Front18.7"
Table Working Area57" x 15.75"
T-Slot (W x No. x Pitch)0.71" x 0.12" x 3.94"
Table Top to Floor37"
Max Loading1320 Lbs.
Spindle Head
Spindle NoseNT, BT No. 50
Spindle Speeds45 to 1,600 RPM
No. of Speeds12 Steps
Feeds (Vertical)157.5"/min

The C-frame construction offers the best machining capability for heavy milling and boring applications.  By using hardened and ground double box ways in the Z axis, significant rigidity is given to the cutting head.  The saddle is also mounted on two massive hardened and ground body ways for maximum stability during heavy cutting.

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The gearbox inside the spindle head and the table feed mechanism utilize hardened and ground gears for long-lasting wear.  The spindle head gearbox is equipped with an automatic lubrication system. The table feed gearbox has an oil splash system for lubrication.

High-quality castings used on the table and saddle are stress-relieved to avoid any slight distortion in the future, and the sliding surfaces are hand-scraped to both ensure full bearing support and to achieve high accuracy in machining.  All top, front, & rear reference surfaces and T slots are precision ground to exact tolerances.  

The pendant control panel allows easy operation of all power-driven mechanisms, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic. It has a toggle style control for 4-way feed and rapid traverse of the table.

Rapid Traverse

X, Y: 236"/min;

Z: 157.5"/min

Feeds (X,Y)

0.04"~157.5"/min for Cutting;

0"~78.7"/min for Jogging

No. of Feeds61 Steps for Jogging
For Spindle10 HP
X/Y/Z Speed

X/Y: AC 0.8kW;

Z: AC 1.0kW

For Lubrication200W x 4P
For Coolant Pump100W x 2P
Machine Size
Machine Height108.3"
Floor Space (X,Y)131.9" x 93.3"
Neight Weight (Approx.)9,680 Llbs.
Standard ColorSilver

Standard Equipment

The slideways - upon which the saddle and table travel - are automatically lubricated when the machine is turned on.


The highest grade of casting possible.

The vertical column is made out of box-shaped, high quality, gray iron castings.  It is reinforced with honeycombed ribbing, instead of the usual rectangular ribbing, which is 70% more effective in dampening vibration and sustaining mechanical & thermal stability.


Vision Beyond Precision

Heavy-Duty Vertical Bed-Type Mill with Fagor 3- Axis CNC Control 

The latest milling solution from Sharp Industries!

This heavy-duty vertical bed mill provides maximum flexibility for various types of milling operations, and features a 10 HP spindle motor with 12 speeds ranging from 45 to 1,600 RPM. 

Precision Machine Tools

Main Features

ISO:9002 Certified Factory

Meehanite Casting 

Hardened and Ground Gears

Pendant-Style Operation Panel

Auto-Lube Table and Saddle Ways

​Hardened and Ground Boxways

Honey-Combed Ribbing

Table and Saddle

Eye-Level Vertical Head Control

Quality that meets and surpasses the world's industry standards.

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The large spindle head offers both manual feed (coarse and fine) and power feed for positioning.  Controls for these feeds, together with spindle speeds and the head locking mechanism, are all mounted at eye level on the spindle head casting.  The rotatable tri-lever manual & rapid feeds are located at the front of the machine to allow for quick positioning of the head.

  • Auto Lubrication System
  • All Gear 12–step Cam Drive  Continuous Speed
  • X/Y/Z C5 Ball Screws
  • 128K Memory and Ethernet Interface
  • Fagor 8055 i –Axis Control with 7.5” Color Monitor
  • Digital Input/Output
  • 75 Blocks Look Ahead
  • Tool Kit with Manual