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Precision Machine Tools

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Vision Beyond Precision

K-Scan MMDx

ModelMaker MMCx

Handheld Scanning

LC60Dx Dual-Purpose

ModelMaker MMDx

Handheld 3D laser scanning - accurate, portable and user friendly

Premium laser and processing technologies incorporated into handheld scanner devices allow users to quickly and accurately digitize parts at different locations. There are multiple system configurations available that can easily be taken on the road and set up at any indoor or outdoor location. Handheld laser scanners from Nikon Metrology are powerful instruments, yet lightweight and easy to operate in combination with an articulated measuring arm or an optical CMM.

Key benefits

  • Premium performance handheld scanner for every inspection job
  • Adequate scanning accuracy for freeform and feature inspection
  • High scanning throughput through fast digital data capture
  • Robust design for use under all shopfloor conditions
  • Ergonomic scanning thanks to lightweight housing and full operation control at your fingertips