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Vision Beyond Precision

Vision Eng. CamZ

Huvitz HDS-2520Z

Huvitz HDS-5800RZ

Nikon ShuttlePix

Vision Eng. VisionZ

Vision Eng. VisionZ2


Featuring high definition images, super-fast response times, motorization and intuitive GUI's, Huvitz has delivered 2 hot-off-the-press low magnification and high magnification systems- the HDS-2520Z and the HDS-5800RZ- that are promising to be the next best thing for the world of high tech research & quality control equipment. Not to be outdone, Nikon has already been offering its own digital and portable microscope for almost 2 years now- the ShuttlePix- which uses an on-board LCD display for capturing high-quality images anywhere its user wants to go. Vision Engineering's line of digital microscopes provides macro observation stations with HD images & frame rates of up to 60 per second.

Modern, Sophisticated and Versatile Solutions for Digital Microscopy

We live in a digital world. People everywhere are wanting higher resolution, faster response time, larger display size, and a smaller footprint for their electronic equipment. For decades we've known microscopes to be these large, bulky, seemingly archaic instruments that have only within the last 15 years begun to take slow steps into allowing their users to capture images & perform measurements with digital cameras. Today's generation of scientists and engineers are wanting something more.

Enter Digital Microscopes from Huvitz, Nikon and Vision Engineering. Hello, 21st Century...